Can I ask about Pauls instructions on semantic please?

It took me five hours to do this but hey, I think have succeeded…

My question is that as instructed to use a span instead of br, when you want a second span in the block do you do it like this

<p class="block1911">No one else must be included&#46;<span class="smallertext">(For order of entering names see Examples on</span><span class="smallertext"><span class="statscenter">back of Schedule&#46;)</span></span></p></td>

.block1911 span .statscenter {text-align:center; display: block;}

Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

It’s Line 136

Yes, that’s OK, the span has no semantic meaning, so it’s like it’s not there.
A <br> should not interrupt a sentence, as it signifies a break in content flow. Typically used for lines in a postal address, poem or song, where the line is a new line, but not a new paragraph.

It may seem odd to use a span and style as block, but a div would not be valid html in many use cases like this.


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