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Hey everyone
My goal is to make a multilanguage audio library, something that gives the visitor an impression that this is something meant to be for bookworms. Now, Wikipedia is built with PHP, and Goodreads is built with ruby/ruby on rails.
Now my question, can I achieve something visually exact same or similar if I only chose to learn python and skip PHP and Ruby?
Here is a screenshot for reference:

Please visit the Wikipedia homepage to have an idea about that, I can only have one embedded picture in this post.


The visuals of all of these things are done with HTML and CSS, which language is generating the HTML doesn’t matter.

Why do you want to learn python? Why would it be better for what you’re trying to achieve than Rails or PHP?


Thanks for your reply rpkamp.
I do not know much about these languages but I watched some youtube videos and learned that ruby and ruby on rails are not so popular and demanded in 2020 and python is the number one language and easiest to learn in 2020 (for web development). It is also the language that is used to build the most popular websites like Google, Facebook and Youtube.
So I thought why not learn the language which is most popular these days and of course skip what I can.

Not too sure about all of that.

Yes, python is very popular nowadays, but mostly due to machine learning, not so much in terms of web development I think. Most of the web is still powered by PHP.

I can also tell you Facebook was not written in python but first in PHP and later in Hack (their custom evolution of PHP). Google and YouTube mostly use Go as their language of choice.

I would recommend just trying to compare some of the languages, find some tutorials for example, and see which one clicks with you most.

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Yes, a website like that can be built using python. *Ideally you would build an api in a web application framework like Django than the front-end using one of the following javascript ecosystems: Angular, React, or Vue.

There are other ways to build an api in python but using Django rest framework is probably the most common with the most resources available online to help.

It sounds like you are building something that will rely heavily on search than a search engine like elastic search is great alternative to a relation database search.

There is also a python elastic search client available.

I would also professionally recommend using AWS lambda which runs great with python. Python is one of the fastest languages to use on that stack. If you were to use AWS lambda / server less you can use the serverless framework with python functions rather than Django.

Not to mention going that route with serverless takes care of all your deployment, infrastructure needs. Where as with a Django project you will also need to consider how to host and deploy it which can become an entire project itself.

Here is a decent article about using python with serverless via a microframework flask.

All very nice tech, but maybe a bit too much for somebody who hasn’t coded before?

Sorry for the late reply.
@rpkamp programming languages in most popular websites
I am intrigued to see that websites like Yahoo and Wikipedia are built with PHP and I was not aware that Facebook was first written in PHP.
I saw a Youtube video in which Ruby was mentioned in languages that a new programmer should not learn in 2020 because it has become less demanded and popular, no offence to anyone.
@cyman @rpkamp Thanks for your detailed reply, cyman. It is not like I am completely unfamiliar with coding. And I used vagrant in the past thus the concept of serverless is not new to me. I will save this information and consider the tech your suggested when I am there.
Thank you again.

Enterprise client-side web development has moved completely to modern JavaScript frameworks. The three BIG players in that space are Angular, React, and Vue. Nearly ANY web dev position you come across will require and/or prefer knowledge in at least one of those ecosystems if not multiple. In terms of back-end development the industry seems VERY dominated by APIs build with nodejs (express), .NET, and Java MVC frameworks like Spring. PHP dominates the legacy, monolith CMS market. Python is more used for middle ware, machine learning, and AI. On top of that cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, etc. can be other areas of focus for hosting and deployment of modern applications. I spent nearly 10 years working on PHP. However, I became very sick of always MAINTAINING monolithic CMS environments. Therefore, I learned Angular and API development which gave rise to working on much more existing, new modern projects instead of just bug fixing, writing plugins/extensions for all those PHP monoliths out there.

@cyman Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge of current affairs on web development. I appreciate it.

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