Can host change my design?

Hello there, i’m new here! Nice to meet you all.
So, i have one little, but big problem, well.
Can my hosting change my design? I’ll give you some screenshots who can give you more information of my words here. :tickle:
My last work on my localhost looks like : Screenshot by Lightshot (Here is button for fast going on top of page. It’s right bottom.)
When i put this my work on my online web server then looks like : Screenshot by Lightshot (Buttons is now wrong, wrong part of page, i don’t design like that. Now is left bottom…)

Ps. Interesting is that, when i put this my work on my EasyPhP problem is similar.

Second. ‘What to listen?’
On localhost my work looks like this : Screenshot by Lightshot it’s not problem, but what to listen, i used Bootstrap classes for make button my navigation on xs screens, they looks like this : Screenshot by Lightshot When i fiscally change screen size of my web browser, but when i used Google Chrome size view project looks like this: Screenshot by Lightshot
What to listen? Fiscally change screen or Google Chrome screen view? How will be look on phone?

Thank you.
Have a nice day.

Hi @MiloshN
It’s hard do diagnose a problem from screen shots alone, we need to see the code.
Do you have a link to a live web page? Yap, you can see here.
Button must goes here :
Have a nice day.

I don’t see anything that would make the button go to the right. So as an in-line element <a> it sits at the left by default.
Is it supposed to be a fixed position, or justified to the right?

Ok, i dont put any positions, like default it’s fixed. But how on my localhost button is right?
That is interesting for me, i’ll put position absolute and locate where i want…

No element is fixed by default, it needs css to tell it to be fixed, there is no such css to set the position to fixed.

I don’t know, perhaps there is some css missing that did not get to the server.
It needs something like:-

.back-to-top {
   position: fixed;
   bottom: 5px;
   right: 5px;
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Ok thank you.

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