Can Google analytics send reports to an email address?


Is there any way that Google analytics could send reports periodically to a particular email address?

Thanks in advance

Yes. You can export any default report, dashboard or custom search to email one time or on a recurring basis. Look for the option on the upper left corner of the main window pain on every page. It’s labeled “email”

To Ted S, we have to export the report into certain format and email the report to the person isn’t it? We are not able directly send the report from Google Analytic. Please correct if I am wrong.

The default format for sending report on Email is PDF, Now Clarify plz in which format you wants the Report.???

Yes, Google Analytics can do this… the attachment will be in PDF-format.

You are incorrect. The email feature emails it with a variety of options including the file type, the frequency and of course who you want it sent too.