Can following be achieved by Woocommerce....?

Requirement (1):
Client wants all variation (color & size) to be displayed allowing multiple variation choice at once but with limitation of choice up to 4-5 only.Above every 4-5 variation choice made by customer there is extra charge for each choice they make.but here they can enter quantity yet.
E.g extra charge for size variation = $10 each
extra charge for color variation = $20 each

Requirement (2):

After customer is done with first requirement, he will be sent to product customization page for label customization. Where he will enter is required labeling and area for labeling
Labeling could be in any area of products.

Requirement (3):

Variation that have been chosen by customer in first requirement will appear in form of table here.Now they should be able to enter quantity they required between variation intersection. Here there will be Minimum order required (100 order minimum), discounts and others features.

After that we will be sent to checkout page carrying information from all Requirements

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