Can flash embed a swf

Just wondering if this is possible.

From within the flash html compiler actually located within the flash file where you can add VERY BASIC html to a swf file such as <img> <p> <font> etc… is it possible to embed a swf file either undert he <img> tag or under embed or under any tag for that matter of fact.

Basically i am working with a flash template and they did not include the source file but it comes with a CMS section where I can use the html tags which a flash swf file allows. So I need to add my own flash content and fine a way to embed it that way.

Do you want to put a swf in a html doc? If so use the <object> tag.

No, flash’s textfield html renderer doesn’t support loading swfs. You can load an external swf using actionscript, but to implement that you’ll need the source .fla file to make modifications.