Can Dreamweaver find unused images?

Hello everyone,
I should be completing my client’s website this week. I would like to find the unused images in the image folder before I transfer everything to my client’s server. Does Dreamweaver CS3 have an option that will find these unused (are the called Orphan?) images. Is there such a function?

A quick Google search produced this:

Now in case you need to find that page again at some later stage, you can just do a web serach for dreamweaver unused images to find several pages that show you how to do it.

Good points. I think I’m getting lazy. :wink: Thanks for the searches.

Down in the Results Panel where your search results show up there is a tab called Link Checker. The three types of results it gives you are:
Broken Links (internal links to pages/files that don’t exist or incorrect links)
External Links (links that go to another website)
Orphaned Files (all files on your local site that are not being used)

Orphaned Files will show you all the files on your local site that are not being used anywhere, including images. When you first select it it will warn you that this option is only available when you do a full site search (the other two options can be used on individual pages or selected pages). So after you select Orphaned Files, click on the green arrow to the left and choose “Check Links for Selected Files in Site.”

That’s all there is to it.