Can dofollow outgoing links be harmful?

I have published a long research article, which has 8,000+ words and more than 350 outgoing dofollow links (as list of references), which point to reputable sites. The article is in and out of supplemental results in Google every other day. I did not stuff keywords, the content is original, not rewritten, and it provides much more information that other articles on the topic. Is it possible that Google considers 350 OBL dofollow links as a link farm? Should I make them nofollow?

Only knowledgeable answers please, from experience or if someone has a good reference link.

Google is smart enough to know the difference between references on a research article and a link farm. If the links are all to reputable sites and you’re not linking to different pages on the same site over and over again then there’s no need to worry. Google’s algorithms are far more sophisticated than simply counting the number of outbound links, and it would far rather that in serious content like this you leave the links as they are, because that provides a good base for it to crawl related sites that it can consider as authoritative.

I actually have 47 links pointing to various pages on and about 30 to, but these are known professional health sources.

Hi Boron,

I’m pretty much going to echo Stevie D’s sentiments here. I can understand your trepidation but you’re not going to get mistaken for being a link farm. You mention you’re in and out of Google results every other day? Can you PM me the link? I’d be keen to take a look.

When you are referencing, make use of proper styles like APA and MLA so that it won’t look like a link farm to search engine robots.

So many site owners are reluctant to provide outgoing links on their website. Somehow they have come to believe that providing relevant outgoing links from their site can be harmful to their results in the search engines. When you send your visitors to a relevant resource, this is not a bad thing. This is a good thing. Relevant sites does NOT mean competitive sites. Think about the common interests of your target visitors and you will have no trouble deciding if a link is relevant to your site.

I now have a steady position around #250 for the main kw.

In references, I’m using anchor text, because I want to show readers what can they expect if they click there. I also believe that outgoing links can help to rank my own article.

When you have posted your article? A week ago or what? It takes time to get your article rank. Give it few links and wait for Google to show its magic and do not forget that the Google update is underway.

The article is now published for about 10 days. According to my experience with SEO, I expected an initial rank about #40, well now I’m on #250 or so. Other articles on the same website rank “normally.” I intend to continue with backlinks; I’m aware of basic SEO things.

My question was if the fact that I left outgoing links follow can harm the ranking of my article in Google. I don’t care much if my linking helped other sites, even my competitors, because I’m quite confident about my content.

Other “long tail keywords” from the article rank very much like I expected.

which point to reputable sites.

Then what’s the problem?! :slight_smile: Relax.

I don’t care much if my linking helped other sites, even my competitors, because I’m quite confident about my content.

I read it to the end. I like it best. I also do in this way. Congratulations for your decent way!