Can anyone tell me why some of my posts

Can anyone (meaning a site admin) tell me why some of my posts show up instantly and others require moderation?

No we can’t :slight_smile: . In some subforums all posts are put in moderation (the review request forum for example), in others there are anti-spam checks that can put a post into moderation. But there are false positives, so don’t worry, staff reviews all moderated posts and if they’re ok they will become visible.

No, we can’t because sometimes we don’t even know why it happens… but we can be ethernally annoying and put all your posts in moderation instead of just a few random ones! evil laugh muahahahahaha end of evil laugh

I think I’d rather leave before someone tells me off for inappropiate behavior and such… leaves running

Now that explains a lot… :wink:

I actually think it does :lol:

I should stop taking coke… (I mean coca-cola, of course!)

Nope and it is driving me mad. Our auto-moderation system is a nightmare. I have someone investigating it and I hope we can figure it out soon. In the mean time, apologies for any inconvenience.

Might be you insert links in those posts
comes under moderation queue.

No. If you read the replies above, you will see there is a problem with the auto-moderation system, which means that some posts are moderated for no reason. We’re working on it to try and get it fixed. Meantime, we appreciate the patience of any of our members who are affected by the glitch.