Can anyone tell me how I would do the background on this form?

I am not sure if it would be done as an entire background image or if I can do the border in CSS and position the shadow.

Any direction you can provide is appreciated.


Thanks for the reply. Can I just do the shadow part and do the border in CSS?

I must have missed this thread somehow :(. I’m sorry about that.

Border shadows have minimal support (since it’s a module of CSS3) so your best bet would be to slice it as a background image and place it on the parent(s) (the <form>, etc)

Ryan, Opera 10:5 supports the actual CSS3 border-radius: property.
You would just loose IE if you went with CSS round corners.

I just checked this page in Opera 10:53 and the round corners work fine. :wink:

Sorry for bumping this but I posted it in the wrong section and would really appreciate input.

Borders (not rounded) can be done easily, using border:1px solid #000 (use whatever color/size)

If you want rounded, that’d involve more images and elements.

However if you want to drop IE/Opera support, then just use border-radius :slight_smile:

Ah, Opera finally decided to give support? Thanks Ray.