Can anyone suggest?

Is anyone aware of some tool through which I can check whether the entered URLs are indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Thanks to everyone sharing great tools, but indexing or not I think can be checked respective search engine.

Franky123 is right. SEO Quake is the best tool which tell each and every thing of website.

install add ons on firefox it’s a quirk search status, you can get and check free backlinks on your sites competitors

I recommened seo panel <snip>, it will provide you history of your indexed urls.

Try SEO Quake.

You can check your page is cached or not.If the cached date is after you updated the page then your url is indexed. You can also do it with the help of Webmaster tool. ,with this website you will get keyword position in Google and yahoo. Try it. It will useful to you.

I think SEO Quake is the best for you.

You mean like this Firefox Add-on? :slight_smile:

I think SEO Quake may help you. Download it and check.

i think will work.

At WebCEO you can find this feature.

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I am using

Check Siteopsys dot com

whats problem in querying whole url in google search?

You can use foxy seo tool. It’s very much useful.

Try using this syntax:


That is backlink checking…

To check whether your site is index are by this two command:

or :smiley:


Used this