Can Anyone Recommend A C++ IDE?

So, I have just started my college C++ course (Game Development major), and on my book companion website it recommends several IDE’s to compile my C++ code. They are as follows:

  • Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2010 Express
  • NetBeans™ C++ IDE
  • Eclipse™ for C++ IDE
  • Dev C++
  • CodeLite

Can anyone recommend any of these, or do you have a different choice for your coding? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks.:slight_smile:

Typically with c family of languages you would use Visual Studio as an IDE.

Use what your college uses. Generally they will have a preferred IDE that your professors are most familiar with.

I used DevC++ in college because it was simple, but it hasn’t had a release since 2005. If I remember right, Visual Studio is only good if you’re working specifically in Visual C++, but it’s very good. Getting too used to Visual Studio may spoil you a bit though. Other IDEs are much less advanced. Even IntelliJ is considerably less powerful and elegant than Visual Studio.

If you’re in college, take advantage of Dreamspark and use Visual Studio Professional 2013 for free.

I use NetBeans for PHP but not C/C++ (I don’t do any real C/C++ other than for learning). I have read about it and it does seem to be an option one can use for C/C++. But if you are programming for Windows, without a doubt Visual Studio Express 2013 is the way to go.

For doing desktop development you want Express 2013 for Windows Desktop. For web development you want Express 2013 for Web. I have not used the Web program yet. I will get around to it.

The very few things I’ve done in C/C++ where for Windows servers so I used Visual Studio but I’ve heard the Eclipse is good with it too. I only used Eclipse to play a bit Java so I don’t know if that’s true