Can anyone read my mind?

When I was more involved with the web, I remember being impressed with a web hosting service. I can’t remember it’s name (that’s what I need you for), but I remember that it had a really nice website design. It’s splash page was an “infinite” rack of servers. I think it was marketed as sort of a “premium” web hosting service.

Can anyone help me? I know that’s kind of vague, but I’m hoping y’all experts can help me.

If not, then what services do you recommend? A free domain name registration would be nice, as well as unlimited bandwidth, space, etc. I realize I can do a Google search and find that, but I’m looking for personal experiences.

Browser bookmarking is your friend. :smiley:

I don’t know if you can get free domain registration—not without strings attached, at least. Dot com domains and the like are quite cheap, anyhow. I would run a mile from anyone offering a free domain—unless it’s something like a subdomain of some free website service like or Weebly.

I don’t think that any one offers free domain registration since even domain registrar have to pay money for icann , Free subdomain is good

The problem with searching for something like that now, is company websites will no doubt have changed - equally they might have merged into other companies so the one you are actually after might not exist anymore.

I can’t read minds, but the “infinite rack of servers” makes me think it was “cloud” hosting.

I agree with the others, tough it up and budget what you can. eg. a “free” host may not want money but they’ll likely give you a (somewhat unprofessional looking) subdomain site URL and/or provide limited capabilites and/or plaster the pages with their advertisements.

I have sen web hosting providers that offer free domain registration when you buy hosting package, but smart thing would be to choose different companies for domain registration and web hosting.

The hosting company sounds familiar to me. But I can’t remember the name.

If I do remember I’ll post back here.