Can anyone make sense of this code?

I need help with what to put in the config.txt. Any ideas? Thanks.

	//class variables
	var $pageOne = '';
	var $pageTwo = '';
	 * if you want to limit the page from being shown to only 1 country, enter the country name here
	 * example: Canada
	var $limit_one_country = '';
	var $rec;
	//class constructor function
	function __construct(){
	//find the pages from the configuration file
	function find_pages(){
		$page_string = file_get_contents('resources/config.txt');
		$parts = explode('|',$page_string);
		$this->pageTwo = trim($parts[0]);
		$this->pageOne = trim($parts[1]);

Looks like config.txt should have two web addresses separated by a vertical bar and as many spaces as you want, for example:  |