Can anyone help me crack this design

Hey everyone,

I’m redesigning my site and I need it to look like this.

what are they using…how can I get that look.

Thank you in advance,


Take a look at the source code (view/page source). It appears to be created using Wordpress templates.

yep looks like they used a 3rd party CMS.

you can replicate what they have done on that page using plain vanilla html/css/javascript with very much less code than what they ended up generating.

if you want a database driven website, that’s a different issue but it still can be done with much less code than what they have used.

Yep, wordpress. You can even see the version and some of the plugins they’re using. They should really be hiding that stuff… :shifty:

The look is due to a graphic designer’s ability to make a visually appealing composite. This is a craft that is subjective, but can also take years to get right (not to mention mastering the software to do so)

As recommended by others, chances are, good XHTML/CSS/Javascript/jQuery ought to be a solid solution here (sans a database backend)

The question you ask is rather open-ended for interpretation.

It’s a wordpress template and can be available to purchase online…

is this helpful to you?