Can anyone advise why no data available when using Google web master tools?

Hello, I started my first website and got it registered with Google web master tools and Google analytics. I can see data when checking analytics, but when I check the web master tools for my site on the web I keep getting no data available. I am trying hard to get my site into googles search pages using keyword searches, I only have two pages on my site so far, my site can be found here On the my achievements page, clicking all games brings back my database built so far. I am wondering how I can get data back onto my web master tools. For example when I view my site on the web and view content keywords it simply says no data available. I have read most of the SEO FAQ on this site and read all of Google’s SEO document.

Am I doing something wrong? I have validated my pages and my site can be found when Googling so something must be correct.

I would appreciate any advice on this.

Many thanks!!

With Webmaster Tools, it can take up to two weeks before the stats start coming through. If you have only recently registered the site (and had it approved), you will need to wait a little longer. Even when you have done that, you will see a lag of several days in the reports.


yes, webmaster tools dont show data in real time. it will take some time

Did you verify your website by adding search engine verification meta tag in your website header. After adding meta tag in website you must have to click on verify button in webmasters tools.


Ah thanks guys, so it takes time for information to show! OK, that makes sense. I verified my site by adding the Google file to my server and clicking on it so my page was verified, is this what you mean berniescott? Maybe you mean something different, I don’t think I have a search engine meta tag in my page. Thanks!!!

Yes, that’s basically correct. You go to the link that contains the filename (<a long string of characters>.html). But then you must go back to Webmaster Tools and click “Verify this site” in the home page.

If you do that correctly, you don’t need to add any special meta tags to the page.

You will know whether the verification has succeeded because, if it hasn’t, GWM won’t let you see any information at all about your site. It will tell you that the page is not verified.

One other important point: don’t delete the verification file from your server once the process is complete. GWM checks it every time you log in.


Thanks Miki, information on my site is starting to appear now, so everything seems to be good! I left that filed on my site, thanks for the advice, as I was going to delete it when doing housekeeping, now I will leave it! :slight_smile:


Hurrayyyy, Now track your website and let us come to know any new interesting query or suggestion from your side.

As I look at my stats in web master tools, I see the keywords used and its interesting because there are keywords that have came from content in my database. I am trying to get on page one of Google by using this search “apple game center achievements list”, but I am only on page 10. I am on page one using this search though “apple game center achievements database” and when using just this search “game center achievements” I am not any of the pages. So I am still learning how I use my stats to figure out how to get my pages found. It is complicated stuff to make sense of when new to this side of things, hopefully I get the time to make more sense out of it all!

Yes, it is definitely complicated. And, just to confuse you even more, keep in mind that the GWT, by default, shows the results for the whole world, whereas your own searches will be for the specific country or Google site that you have chosen to look at. And another thing: GWT tends to be a few days behind with their reporting.

But the real value of what you are doing is not to see where you rank for a given phrase, but whether there are other similar phrases for which you might rank higher. To do that, look at the Top Pages (as opposed to Top Queries) section of the Search Results page. Find your best pages, and drill down by clicking on the page title. You will see all the popular queries that gave rise to an impression for that page (not necessarily a click-through). In other words, you will see the phrases that people are searching for but which are not finding your own page. That might give you a clue as to the phrases you should be optimising for.

Do spend some time exporing GWT. There’s a wealth of information there, but you need to put some effort into finding it.