Can Any One help me Doing this?

Hello everyone,
I want to know that when sharing an article of my blog on FACEBOOK it shows my own DOMAIN. But I have seen many sites which uses Different domain in shared post which on clicking redirects to them on Original Domain.
Like see this domain in image

Which on clicking redirects to:

I think what you’re talking about is a URL shortner? Something like ?

No its not url shortner. Both domains are completely different!!

I’d have to ask why you want to do this. Showing a link as going to one domain, but actually sending visitors to a different domain, strikes me as one of the quickest ways to lose people’s trust.

@TechnoBear No, actually i have a viral story blog and gather traffic only from social media but sharing an article too much in groups leads to SPAM a domain and can be blocked by facebook. As my one domain is already blocked!!
So, i want to show a fake domain which will take visitors to my real one.

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