Can adds destroy your website design?

I’m decided to place adds on my blog but i have fear that it may destroy my website look and traffic. So please suggest me that i have to place adds on my blog or not ?

Only you can decide whether to place ads on your blog or not.

How it affects the look of your site will depend on how many ads you have, and how they are placed. Presumably, you’ll have control over both those areas, so you should be able to find a compromise with which you feel happy. As to whether it could destroy your traffic, I’d say certainly - if you overdo it and make it look as if the adverts are more important to you than your site visitors. In moderation, they shouldn’t have too much of a negative impact. People who really don’t like viewing ads are likely to be using some kind of ad-blocker anyway.

Thanx for your advice

According to me adds play both the roles they can improve your website as well as destroy it so you have to make the balance so that the other thing doesn’t happen.

Yes, it will depend on your number of ads and their layouts on your website. It means, ads layout should be user friendly and relevant with your website. Always remember that your useful content should not be covered by your ads.

You just need to limit the number of ads on your blog. Its fact that more adds will annoy your visitors more.

Can a tinfoil hood ornament ruin the look of a nice car? Ad integration is a question of compromise and the best of bad options. That does’t mean that it can’t work pretty well.

[font=calibri]Visual integration can work two ways. On the one hand, you need to make sure that the ads gel well with the design of the site, and don’t break the layout. On the other hand, you don’t want the ads to blend too well, because then readers can get caught out by what part of the page is content and what part is advert. And if they are struggling with that, it’s going to impact on their experience of your site. If they click on something that they think is part of your site navigation, and it turns out to be an advert, they’re going to be annoyed and won’t trust your site as much in the future.

Another thing that I’ve seen too often is when an advert is inserted in the middle of an article or comment block, taking up the full width and making it look like that’s the end of the article/comments if you can’t see anything more between the advert and the fold.[/font]