Can a site change too much?


I have been struggling getting good page rank. I make small changes to my site probably 3-4 times a month. Can that be affecting my page rank?

A site with no more than 5 links to it - are you sure? How do you know that Google does not consider them to be higher quality than the site with hundreds? A good page with 100 outbound links will probably pass less link juice with each link than a mediocre page with 5 outbound links. And don’t forget that published page rank lags a long way behind actual page rank.

Don’t get too hung up on PageRank. PR is a specific measure based on the number and quality of inbound links to your site. The published PR figure is usually several months out of date, and it is only one factor in Google’s ranking algorithms.

What is important is getting a good position on the search results, and that can be possible without a good PageRank.

When you say “small changes”, what are you changing? Search engines like evidence that sites are kept up-to-date and are ‘live’, so if you are making relevant changes or adding new content, that’s usually a good thing. On the other hand, if you’re just tinkering and moving things around, that could end up confusing the search engines and may not be working in your favour.

Yeah - Change in Website is some time Very Useful, It may Provide great pleasure to Visitors as well as potential Users. This create Great Attractiveness towards new Visitors.

What about if I make a change to my URL structure and/or page names? Will that be negative on my page rank?

only for the better

that makes sense :slight_smile:

mathematically, of course, we would expect that hunnerts of links are better than only a few

but this assumes–incorrectly–that any old link is as good as another

There has got to be more to page rank that just back links. I have a site that has less than 5 links that has a page rank of 2 and a site that has over 100 good quality links that only has a PR of 1. Thoughts??