Can a conditional jQuery be used to show or hide datepicker next to text box

I need to implement this on an existing web form in ASP.NET with lots of javascript functions on it.

This application allows user to select report criteria fields and then save the report query. There is already a javascript functin ‘showDP’ which makes calendar icon visible next to the text box if user selects a criteria field type which requires date value in the text box. The calendar icon (datepicker) appears next to the text box.

While this works fine for saving the report query, the problem is that when user retrieves the saved report query by selecting the saved query name, the calendar icon (datepicker) is hidden even if the value in the text box populated form the saved query is date. Therefore, user cannot modify the date.

I am trying to fix this. I cannot use the javascript function ‘showDP’ for two reasons. One I don’t know how to fire it when the report criteria field values are being populated. Second, the ‘showDP’ javascript removes the value from the text box and then shows the calendar icon (this is not desired. the date should still be there).

So, I am wondering if I can use jQuery to show/hide the calendar icon during the ‘btnClick_Retrieve’ event??
If yes, how do write this query if the IDs of the controls on the web form are as below:
Report Criteria Fields value text boxes: txtBox0, txtBox1,txtBox2,txtBox3,txtBox4, and txtBox5
Calendar icon (datepicker) control: dp0, dp1,dp2,dp3,dp4, and dp5

I wonder if I have to modify the existing javascript function or the jQuery library has all of those functions built-in and jQuery statement will use them??

Your responses will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.