Camera for photography

I want to be a photographer. Now i want to a camera. I am confused which camera i buy. Which DSLR camera is best for photography?

All of them :slight_smile:
It all depends on how money do you want to invest and, make sure you also get a good quality objective because it’s almost as important as the camera itself.

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The Nikon D5100 / D3100 is one of the best beginner DSLRs I had. You can take awesome shots.
It’s more about which lens you have - but of course the CMOS size also matters.

Go Canon or Nikon. There is no right answer between the two. Dont spend too much to start with as sure enough as you get going youll probably find you want something else anyway. Save money for lenses too, these really make the difference.

Have you used a DSLR before? If not, you may want to stick with the entry level DSLR camera from Nikon or Canon (such as Canon’s Digital Rebel series) until you become more familiar with it and what you need. Are there any other photographers in your area that you know? If so, check what brand they are shooting - that way you can ask them questions if you run into an issue of how to use your camera and may be able to recommend the appropriate camera model for you to get. As ORS_Group mentioned, the lenses make the difference and can generally be used on other camera models.

To start off, find a used canon 600D or 1100D with a 18-55 kit lens.

Then memorize this - your camera wont make you a better photographer, your skill, your creativity will. A camera is just a tool, how well you can wield it is up to you.

There are tons of tutorials available online, learn about the basics of composition, the ISO, the aperture, depths of field, get to know your camera and how to use it, how to use light and practice. Once you get the hang of basics then practice more till the time you can instinctively change settings on your camera without thinking to take the right shot depending on what you’re shooting & how much light is available. When you can do that, then it’ll be time for you to get a better camera and some more lenses. Then you won’t ask “which is best camera” or “which is best dslr”. Rather you’d know what you want from a camera and you would ask for opinions about the technicalities of different camera models to decide which one you should consider! :wink:

I’d recommend Cannon Rebel T2i with a couple of different lenses, but really it depends upon what you’re most likely to photograph as far as lenses go. You have a pretty broad range of options if you go with this camera & the options only increase with the different lenses you get. I’ve been very happy with the quality of ours & the ease of use.

Buy any camera,you will get the best result…
Specially with canon,nikon & sony respectively… But be very patient while choosing the best lens…