Calling the save_dictionary() function

How would I Call the save_dictionary() function to save the document’s dictionary with TF (term frequencies) to a file, where the filename should be tf_DOCID.txt in the same path.

Below is all my code that I have and need help moving forward with it. Thanks.

 class Document: 
def __init__(self, doc_id):
    # create a new document with its ID = doc_id
    # create an empty dictionary 
    # that will hold the term frequency (TF) counts
    self.tfs = {}

def tokenization(self, text):
    # split a title into words, 
    # using space " " as delimiter
    words = text.lower().split(" ")
    for word in words: 
       # for each word in the list
       if word in self.tfs: 
           # if it has been counted in the TF dictionary
           # add 1 to the count
           self.tfs[word] = self.tfs[word] + 1
           # if it has not been counted, 
           # initialize its TF with 1
           self.tfs[word] = 1

def save_dictionary(diction_data, file_path_name):
# print the key-values pair in a dictionary
f = open("./textfiles", "w+")
for key in diction_data: 
    f.print(key, diction_data[key])

def vectorize(data_path):
Document = []
for i in range(1, 21):
    file_name = "./textfiles/"+ i + ".txt"
    # create a new document with an ID
Document = Document(i+1)
    #Read the files
f = open(Document)
    # compute the term frequencies
    # add the documents to the lists

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