Calling the current page

Hi Guys,
I have a footer.php included file from which I need to run a PHP script which extracts the current containing page URL to then echo it to HTML code inside footer.php for a ‘Back to top of page’ button.

Top of page code inside footer.php: <div id=“upArrow”><a href=“current-page.php#top”></a></div>

Am I on the right track here? -> <?php get_page( $page_id ) ?>

The following URL shows the page with the working ‘Top of Page’ button, but the link inside the #upArrow is static — it needs it to ‘sense’ the current page URL regardless of where you are on the site.


Any help greatly appreciated.

I Googled

get page url using php
and found this ->

Right on the money!

Ain’t search engines great? :smiley:

Maybe I’m misunderstanding, but why not just use a generic javascript?

<a href="javascript:scroll(0,0)">Back to Top</a>

I include that in footer includes, it scrolls to the top on every page.

If you don’t use <base href=“…”> in your documents then you don’t need the current page at all, just use this:

<div id="upArrow"><a href="#top"></a></div>

If you use <base href> then $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] has everything you need for the link:

<div id="upArrow"><a href="<?=htmlspecialchars($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) ?>#top"></a></div>