Calling Google? Surprising organic "slap" on a high traffic not spammy client's site

A client of mine that is in e-commerce ranked in the first position on many keywords for the last 6 years. They are mature, not spammy at all, their adwords is in the $60k monthly range. Their adwords account is managed by another local company.

10 days ago, the home page was deleted entirely from google results. Other parts of the website remain in other positions on some keywords.

We have submitted a reconsideration request, cleaned up duplicate content from the sitemap, adjusted parameters handling in webmaster tools, and are currently painstakingly looking through the 5,000 plus links for any spammy sources.

My question: Has anybody with a high budget adwords campaign and an organic problem had success calling their account rep at google adwords and “gotten things to happen”? I remember reading this as a suggestion a few years ago, but our adwords management company is telling us a very authoritative, “No, it doesn’t work.” Since the account is through them, neither my client or I have called, and I am trying to drum up some evidence that it is a worthy suggestion.

With 10 people all trying to tell my client what is best, my idea to call Google hasn’t happened yet, and I feel it is a step worth taking. Every day is lost revenue.

I know that officially they can’t do anything, but I want to hear if anyone has had luck going this route. Referencing our high budget and persistent escalation would be my strategy.

Where was it deleted from. Adwords or the Organic Results?

If organic results, something silly might have happened and it may come back soon or you’ve been effected by some recent update and your site no longer qualifies.

This is why you should never rely on google organic as your only source of traffic if this has happened. There is no telling when your site will go up or drop into oblivion

If it’s organic results you’ve disappeared from, surely it wouldn’t be in google’s interest to counteract a situation where the primary remedy would be to increase adword expenditure?