Calling function

Hi guys,

I need urgent help.

I have 2 files, index.php and schedule.php

here is my code from index.php:
<p>Total posted tweets so far: <?php include_once ‘schedule.php’; print(showPostedTweetsCount()); ?></p>

Now in schedule.php I have function named showPostedTweetsCount() that returns the value from database.

But I get this error:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function showPostedTweetsCount() in /home/jancom/public_html/ on line 364

the usual routine to debug would normally involve a few steps.

1 How do you know that index.php has actually included schedule.php?

not sure? then work out how to prove it to yourself.

2 Does schedule.php actually have a showPostedTweetsCount() function, or is it getting it from another include file?

search the file for that string.

jan, everything looks fine so far.
Your function is really named showPostedTweetsCount?

Also the capital letters P, T and C?

sorry guys, its kinda late and I am dumb when exhausted like this. I forgot to update schedule.php via ftp LMAO. Now works.