Calling External HTML/Javascript ARGH Please Help!

  • OK here’s the scenario:

I have purchased a text link advertisement on somebody’s website, and i want that to display in all their articles. However, I want the links to be random and have the ability to change them on a daily basis. Me having access to a file on their FTP or similar is not possible.

Here is the script I have used the for the random links:

How can I call this from that external website? As I say, the JS source code from this can’t be used on the Website directly as I wouldn’t have the ability to change the links myself without asking him ot having access to FTP.

The only way I’ve found is via an iframe, but it looks pretty ugly and I imagine would load slow on their page.

Any ideas at all on a resolution.

Many thanks



The only way you can control an external site without write access is if the content itself is being called from a separate website (as in cross domain linking). You either have to use an iFrame (linked to the page on your domain) or you’ll require them to link to a JavaScript hosted on your site (which’ll externally control what’s visible). Both of them have very real security implications and I wouldn’t recommend either. However, cross-domain linking is the only viable method. :slight_smile: