Calling All Programmers: Our August Competition Is For You

Our competition for August isn’t for the faint hearted. This one is hard core and we thought it up with the programmers amongst you in mind.

If you have some spare time over the next couple of weeks, you’re a competitive bugger and you love to code, keep an eye out here on August 1st when I’ll be announcing the details.

For now all you need to know is that you can use your language of choice, and the competition opens on August 1st and runs for 14 days.

So now would be the ideal time to start stocking up on energy drinks and junk food…

Wow Good Luck to the people who will be joining.

I will look and read the detailed for this competition.

The competition has been announced. Read the details here.

Just a hint?

It involves Private Messages. :wink:

Can’t wait :smiley: