Call web service to get data

i have a web service at this url

i use hotel search file with HotelSearch method and method will retrieve xml file contains the matched data.

the varialbe that i made post with it is named : HotelData

the data of the variable is a string file that contains an xml data like this


i am trying to get the result by posting HotelData but i did not get the xml result file
so can anyone help me
my code is:

        <script language="JavaScript">
            function InitializeService() {
                service.useService("", "HotelsSearch");
            var StrSearch;
            function GetAge() {
                StrSearch = document.DemoForm.StringSearch.value;

                service.HotelsSearchService.callService("HotelsSearch", StrYear);
            function ShowResult() {
        <form name="DemoForm">
            Hotel Name : <input type="text" name="HotelData"/><br />
            <button onclick="GetAge()">Get Age</button><br />

the data in input filed is the previous xml file