Call to undefined method mysqli_stmt::get_result(), but mysqlnd is already installed

Well I used to get this undefined method error, it happened since my server did not have mysqlnd enabled. However, even after installing mysqlnd I still get this error, and now I am kinda clueless. Does Mysqlnd has to be configured to work with Mysqli statement/resultset?

Heres the php info screenshot for my mysqlnd settings, anyone got any clues where the problem might be?

I’m pretty sure when you install the mysqlnd, you need to enable it with the mysqli extension:

--with-mysqli=mysqlnd \\

At the moment you’ve only enabled it for pdo_mysql. (Don’t quote me on that though!)

Here’s a screenshot of what my mysqlnd settings look like from phpinfo (with the get_result() method working):

I see, guess thats the problem after all, thx. Come to think about it, is mysqlnd available on most webhosts? Or is it an extension that most hosting services do not provide, especially shared hosts?

As far as I’m aware, not many shared hosts have mysqlnd available. My GoDaddy shared hosting account doesn’t have it available, nor did a few of my previous hosts.

I see, thanks for telling me this, guess I will have to find another way then as most of my software’s client users do not have a VPS or dedicated hosting package.