Calendar - table or css based?

I am trying to convert a template from table-based to css-based.

I have a calendar that currently uses a table for layout, but semantically should this be list-based or table-based? I am sure it is possible to build a list-based css calendar but I wouldn’t know where to start.

Does anybody have any ideas on what would be the “right” way to do this?

I would say that semantically it is a table with columns the day of the week and rows the weeks.

If the column was month and the rows the day then I would then say a list.

Calendars are a perfectly valid example of tabular data. Hacking divs and spans or any other elements would be a fool’s errand.


table :tup:

Rows and columns with a defined relationship to the data - so the table gets my vote also :slight_smile:

Table as well :tup:


I don’t condone its’ use though ;). It’s just funny[/ot]

Go for tables… are not evil… like div are not angels!!