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Hey folks please help me to how to calculate bounce. The bounce rate for my website is 56% is that is good or bad? Or do i have to do any other things?:confused:

Bounce Rate can be determine as total number of Visitors Which View only Single Page… As Far as 56% Bounce Rate is concerned i think it is not to much High… For Further Details you Can Visit This Link.

56% is low if its a blog.
for other sites its in mid level.

That’s around average I would say… Depends what type of site it is… Is it a content site? Blog?..

Sounds like you don’t need to calculate it – it’s already been calculated for you :cool: It’s worked out by taking the percentage of people come to one page on your site and then leave without looking at any others.

Measuring bounce rate is pretty meaningless unless you know why it’s where it is. If they’re getting all the information they need from that first page, that’s great, and they have no need to go any further … so in that context, a high bounce rate is good because the first page they come to answers their question in full … hurrah! On the other hand, if they’re leaving after looking at one page because they don’t have any confidence they’ll find the answer they want anywhere on your site, or they can’t stand the design, or they don’t understand it … that’s bad.

High or low, bounce rate does not affect your website’s performance… Consider these examples.

  1. A CPA landing page without any other link other than the link to product offer. This usually has a very high bounce rate at around 90% to 100%. But is it bad? No - because there is no other internal link to click and most visitors are directed to offer page and that means conversion.

  2. A blog page with several internal links and an adsense ad having 40% bounce rate. Is this good? I can’t say good or bad. If you have low bounce rate here, chances are, you are not getting many adsense clicks…

In short, bounce rate is not my main concern. Most important to me is “average time on site”, because I know that when people stay on my pages, they like to read my content…

Bounce Rate means the visitors go away from any pages of yours site. It is lower than 50 %. Bounce Rate detects by many reason such as the content is not enough, problem in navigate the customers and etc. So find your problems and clear it.

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More bounce rate is not good for any site . it shows the visits which not spends much time on site means they dont like site so try to reduce bounce rate for any site also it reflects site popularity