Cad software

What’s the best way or programming language that will help to develop a desktop cad software?

Here’s a start…

also try:

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That doesn’t sound like a simple project. You would probably be better off following @ronpat’s advice and looking for an existing package.

Out of interest, which programming languages are you familiar with?

Indeed, that is an understatement. Granted, my only experience with CAD is having used the student version of Autocad electrical around two decades ago and I’m sure much has changed since then. At that time, the proprietary app I used worked with the Windows OS.

Note that Autodesk is a company, not a single developer. Not that it would be impossible, but it is definitely improbable that any single developer could create anything similar in a single lifetime.


Can you provide more information? What operating system and/or what language do you want to do this for?

The most important feature you will use is graphics. You will want to use a database to store the data.

I will be using a windows operating system. And i am not sure what programming language to use here? It;s confusing. IS there a software to build this on the front end visually?

Do you have Visual Studio installed? You should do that if you have not already. Then become familiar with it.

You essentially have a choice of C++, C# and VB. I suggest C# since it supports the way that Microsoft does things the best.

There are many types of applications you can develop for Windows. First I will say I assume you are not developing an online application for use over the internet. You can develop a Windows Forms, WPF or Universal Windows Platform (UWP) type of application. Windows Forms and WPF applications would be only for use in desktops but for CAD that might be what you want. A WPF application can be converted to a UWP application more easily. A UWP application can be used in desktops but also in Windows Phones and Windows tablets.

I suggest becoming familiar with Visual Studio, C# and WPF.


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