Caching Servers


I’m doing some economic studies regarding web caching and I need to know some pricing information regarding caching servers in general. Are caching servers different than regular servers, if they are, which companies sell them?

I know its probably a trivial question, but I’m not really a technical guy…I’m just looking for a website that can put me on track to get more info. I’m not looking for sources explaining web caching architectures and theories rather, I’m looking for real-life solutions and their prices.


The difference between a caching server and a normal web server is mainly down to the software installed e.g instead of apache you might have squid or varnish. Depending on the application profile, there will be differences in the hardware specification to what you’d want on a general server. In a scenario where single server redundancy and cache-rebuild are not critical you’d specify fast disk sub systems or a lot of memory as priorities over cpu power.

Thanks EastCoast. I was wondering what specification would be needed for let’s say a medium sized ISP to deploy a cache server (or an array of them) to limit transit traffic flowing out of the network?

And if you have any estimation regarding prices ($/GB) for deploying a cache server?

Thanks again! :slight_smile: