Caching Dynamic Pages with ASP.NET

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Great job! ASP.NET Cache isn’t very scalable though when it comes to multiple server web farms due to its in-process and standalone nature. Distributed caching can be used effectively to be used to solve that problem. NCache is the top distributed caching solution for .NET applications for the last three years and can be used to synchronize cache across multiple servers in a web farm without the fear of losing data or slowing the app down.


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Nice and detailed article. However, the article does not tell the drawbacks of ASP.NET cache. Developers planning to use ASP.NET cache should also consider drawbacks of ASP.NET cache, such as:

1- Scalability Problem in Web Farms
2- Data Integrity Problem in Web Farms
3- Cache Size Limitation
4- Data Loss with Worker Process Recycling

There are some more problems than these.

An alternative to ASP.NET cache that would also save you from above problems is third-party distributed cache. Like NCache, a distributed cache that gives you scalable performance of ASP.NET apps.