Cache Status

Google not updating my home page cached site status. But I am updating content and doing Some Off Page Optimization process. But Still no Improvement.

No need to worry about it. Your site might cached automatically. Continue to do some social-bookmarking in fast indexing sites, in order to quickly get indexed by search engines.

If Google is not updating cache status this means crawlers are not visiting your website.
First of all, check your robots.txt files if they are blocking the crawlers by any chance.

My site home page was last cached 3 days ago. The point about a cache is that there will be a bit of time between updates. How old is your site cache? How often is the content on your home page updated?

Google cached my site on June 22nd…still its not updated the cached results of my website…I updated the content also.

Don’t worry about it you can active on your site like book marking, Forum and also on page content update.

normally google crawler takes 2 weeks before it caches updated content no need to worry it could take even longer