C# or JAVA

I am a college student studying computer programming. I am having a hard time choosing between C# or JAVA.

Could someone give me some insight?

C# seems to have the edge now, and its gain appears to be increasing. What the job market will look like in 10 years is anyone’s guess, but working knowledge of both seems best. Maybe learn one rigorously and just “get to know” the other one. Or, use both for a few months and see which one you prefer.

Doubtless, C# will lead to more opportunities these days. But, again, who can say in 5 years?

What do you want to know?

Well, from what I know thay are very similar. None has no major implementation over the other. It all comes to down to personal preference, so the question is: are you with microsoft or java(oracle)?

Here is a comprehensive artice comparing them.

You may learn Java just because there is lots of facility in Java in respect on on c# so java is the right choice for you.

C# and the CLR are definitely far beyond the capabilities of Java these days – there frankly isn’t much Java can do to catch up without breaking lots of assumptions baked into the Java and the JVM. Main advantage Java has is a large cross-platform legacy and some great solutions such as Lucene and Hardoop.

I’d learn both, can’t help but serve you well.

I’m a nuts & bolts Java guy. I do how ever have basic understanding of C and C++ so i’m quite familiar with both Java and C#.

These days it’s quite hard to find any decent internet based Java company, most large companies tend to favour C# so the questin is: what are you going to do with the knowledge? If you want a best chance to get yourself a job I would recomend C#…

I think you should learn C#, and a bit of Java