BYO Wicked WordPress Themes Code

Wanted to know if Raena would post the css code for the blog design in the book on page 97? I can’t seem to find it in the code I downloaded from the sales website.


Basically, in WinZip or like programs, when you zip a files containing a directory structure like C:\User\Me\Chp1\functions.php & C:\User\Me\Chp2\index.php

It will create a file with two sub-folders. You can turn off the creation of the sub-folders and make all the files export on the top level.

I’m not sure how that works (I’ve not seen that scenario before) but I assume all’s well now?

My problem was I was not extracting the folders. For some downloads, I need the files to not be embedded in multi-level folder structures and I forgot to turn that feature off when extracting this archive :\

I guess that’s what I thought “Ah, stuff it!” and stopped using that program long ago. :smiley:

Ah, OK, thanks for explaining. Now I’ll scuttle back to my trusty Mac and pretend not to have glimpsed life on the “dark side”. :lol:

You can do it on StuffIt Expander too! :slight_smile: :lol:

Look here: chapter-04 > v4 > wicked > style.css

Hi Ralph, Just wanted to say you have a great website! Clean and Simple.