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JUst a question about chapter 9, why did the author choose to separate the author and authorrole into two different tables? What are the advantages of doing that? And why not compile them together into one table?

Thank you in advance.

I though I already answer this question. I don’t remember the example very well but I assume that it is a case of normalization.

Just imagine that you have an author that has different roles (I don’t know, maybe an editor, or a proof reader, or anything else). He would have to be included in the same table as many times as roles he has. That’s not efficient.

But if I separate the roles and place them in a different table, and create a relationship between those tables, that will not be necessary. I will have the table with the author’s info, another with the possible roles, and a third that will tell me which author does what.

I hope that this is clear.