BYO Database Driven Website, 4th ed, ch 7

I’m using this book to learn PHP; I have very limited previous knowledge of the language. I’m currently going through the code for adding and deleting authors and have noticed that if I perform either action, I have to refresh the page before the list of authors is updated. Is this correct? Is it because I’m staying on index.php and just changing the query string, and the page isn’t loading itself? If so, I find it a bit annoying and would like to add some code so I don’t have to manually refresh.

Any advice appreciated.

Hmmm, seems it is refreshing now. Don’t know what happened. I have another problem on this section now - the “edit author” function isn’t working. Any updates I make aren’t updating the database. I’ve checked my code and it’s exactly as the example (with the exception of the include path, which is slightly different on my site). Has anyone else had problems here?


Apologies for replying to my own post again, but trawling through my code has revealed a couple of typos. My updates are now working. I’m showing myself up as a complete noob here but I’ve learned a lot through studying the code and seeing where I’ve gone wrong.

I’m still occasionally needing to manually refresh the page to see updates or add/deletions. As it seems to be intermittent, this one’s got me stumped. I’m not going to dwell on it, I’ve done enough to carry on with the book now.