By default, does <h1> have higher z-index than <h2>?

In moving my h1 and h2 tags close to one another, I have discovered that on some occassions h2 will overlay h1 and on other times - on a different page - it will not.

I am using minus margin values to move h2 up towards h1, but do not think this is the cause. This is the only way I know to move the h2 line up. I have also tried using z-index values to move either but that did not work at all. I used a positive z-index in the h1 rule to try and raise it above h2 and vice-versa on the h1 element. Neither worked.

Any thoughts or comments are most welcome.


Try setting different background colours to highlight the differences.

Beware that h1 has default padding values which may be the problem.

I would try setting border, margin and padding to :0 then first position the H1 element for every situation then adjust H2 parameters.

Also the H tags are all blocks and it may be better to add display: inline-block to all H elements.

By default, does <h1> have higher z-index than <h2>?

No. By default, elements stack in the order they come in the HTML, with the later ones sitting above those before them (which you see when they are forced to overlap).

To set z-indexes on them (and thus change the default stacking order), you need some kind of positioning. E.g.

h1, h2 {position: relative;}
h1 {z-index: 2;}
h2 {z-index: 1;}


Thanks for the suggestions. I will try each and report back.

I just assumed that h1 would always be ‘above’ h2, but that was a poor guess on my part.

Thanks again for your help.


Ah, so that’s how it works. I can picture the ‘boxes’ in my mind, but never knew what you just disclosed. I’m now feeling drunk with power. Ha!

I still have some digging to do because I have one page where the h2 element went behind h1, but something must not be quite right with that page.

Thanks so much for your help.


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I just tried your markup and it worked like a charm on the two problem pages.

Thanks a million for your help.


P.S. Sometimes I like to solve my own problems, but after wasting half the day on this I thought it wise to seek some help. Thanks again.

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