Bx.slider css of border and box-content issues

The menu is inside a box called .container-fluid ( <div class="container-fluid"> )

If this is the only place where that classname is used, then add a style that says:

.container-fluid {

That will put the menu in front of the slider.

For some reason it didn’t work for me - i’ve added a nasty background-color for now until I get a fix. Thanks for your time though.

Another issue I’m finding with the bxslider and bootstrap is that the slider goes 10px to the right when the browser is re-sized to a mobile width. I’ve tried messing about with the margin on the .bxslider class but to no avail.

Dont think its anything to do with the bootstrap css as the rest of the site renders fine.

Okay seems there are issues out there with these 2 great products…

Possible solution - https://github.com/Rahisify/bxslider-4