Buzzwords that tell you bad SEO awaits!

So I sometimes feel like I fight a never ending battle educating people about those tactics that are sure to get them in trouble with Google, and yet people sell products that promise ranking but instead deliver terror a few months down the road as the sites gets penalized. Here are some words I look out for in a “scary” seo offering:

  1. Guaranteed Ranking
  2. Article Spinning
  3. Profile Links
  4. Blog Comments
  5. Automated Link Building
  6. Content Drip
  7. 100 links for $10 (or similar)

What else would complete this list?

Anything along the lines of immediately/fast results/within x time.
Advertising by spam.

Google Page Rank Revealed
Get 150 edu backlinks for just $20
PR 4 - PR 8 links

  1. Guaranteed Result within 24 hour… :wink:

It has taken me over a decade! I have a million+ pages on my sites with real content that is unique. It didn’t happen quickly, but I have "guaranteed’ rankings and results!

What about social media included in the mix?
Get 100 Facebook likes with purchase
Buy Google + Guaranteed traffic
And Get 1000 more Twitter Followers

Massive links from same IPs websites like 1k of directory submissions…:slight_smile:

I would agree with everything except ‘guaranteed rankings.’

When I give people a guarantee, I stick by it… a guarantee in itself is not a sign of a bad SEO company, but one needs to do their due diligence when it comes to deciding whether a particular SEO company’s ‘guarantee’ is worth the pixels it’s written on.