Buying Domain With Traffic What To Look For?

Hi guys,

I’m considering buying a GoDaddy domain with some traffic so I can 301 redirect the traffic to my site. The domain has never had a site behind it except for the registrar’s parking page. What factos should I consider to determine if this is actually a good buy?

First is if the domain name is related to your content, you wouldn’t like that traffic to just bounce after redirecting to yours.

Also check the domain name in Google’s keyword tools, you would like to analyze first if the traffic it has is real or not. It is common in Godaddy (and anywhere else) that some domain sellers use a software to generate fake traffic to fool the registrar and the buyers.

I don’t think there is anything more important to know than what florida_buddy mentioned. I would be interested in finding more, if I’m wrong.

Well, I didn’t really know that you can fake GoDaddy, thanks for the valuable information. I even bought one parked domain but now I’m happy I didn’t get fooled.

Relevancy does matter, what kind of traffic you are redirecting to your domain ??

related to your content … and little bit small…

Relevance to your content is important but I think how marketable the name is makes it a good buy. Have you asked for past review of how much it makes via Google Adsense?

If all it has ever had is the registrar’s parking page then the traffic isn’t worth much except to show that there are people who enter that domain name into their address bar. The value would be more in the relevance that the name has to your content.