Buying an 1000$/month website

Hi! Do you think I will find an website with earnings that exceed 1000 $/month with a price at most than 3000 $ ??

I think I need a good content website… probably text-made with good Adsense potential… Unfortunately I only can spend 3000$ for it… But first do you think I will find such a site and where?

No, I’m afraid that is quite unrealistic. You are very unlikely to find a site that earns $1000/month reliably for $3000, especially if you had to ask the question.

You might pull it off if you bought a site with decent traffic and/or potential but with poor monetization and improved it substantially. Just a thought. Good Luck.


What about I buy 10 websites that make 100$ each?? And how these transactions can occur on Internet? What if I gave them the money and they don’t send the sites?

Who is going to sell you a site for the amount of money that they will earn from it in 3 months?

Iulian81, 10 x $100 is a good idea. You should look in

I saw what sites they have… almost all over priced and bad quality… Yes there are also a few good ones… but for over 100000$ :slight_smile:

Try looking at Digital Point’s marketplace as well.

Does it need to be only one website? Maybe you could buy several smaller sites (with earnings) that make up your $3k budget?

I agree. When I buy a site, I also make sure I can at least double its monthly revenue generated as reported by the seller. To me, investment in websites gives me the best returns.