Buying a Domain Through — What's Your Experience?

I’ve found a domain that I’d like to buy through The owner an I have agreed on price. The only decision is whether to use, which I will probably do. Have you used Mark before? How was your experience? I’m also a bit surprised that they don’t require escrow services, or that they don’t have their own. Thoughts?

I’ve never used them - nor would I. The domain is registered with privacy protection, and their “contact” page is entirely blank. With no information about them, no address and no way of contacting them, I’d run a mile.

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Thanks. Unfortunately this is the only way to purchase this particular domain. Sounds like is a must through. Anyone else?

First, You need to prove the seller are the real owner of the domain name by disabling privacy protection. And then, You will need to ask the seller to send an email to your email address using the registered contact on after you check Whois on that domain name.
I don’t want to scare you, but You will need to read this post to get other experience before its hurt You.

May be useful. :grin:

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Thanks. Don’t I already have an assurance that the seller is the owner if I found the seller by clicking a “buy now” link on the domain itself?

Also, I called and was told that they aren’t really aware of a way I could get scammed with the transaction. I’m curious how this domain recall thing works. is good choice to make a domain transaction, It will be safe.I just want to say good luck and congratulation @geiger.

I’ve overseen hundreds of domain sales (I used to work at Flippa) and I would never make any kind of large transaction online without escrow. It’s too easy to get scammed otherwise.

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I’m used Flippa too, but my account has been banned without any reason. I made a good reputation there with $700+ sales in 1 month. Maybe it because I share the auction link on forums to promoting my sales page, it is possible to banned reason @Ophelie?
I am asking to You because in other thread SitePoint admin said Flippa has a sister of SitePoint. I hope You can help me to resolve my cases.

I am not sure about But I suggest you to go with GoDaddy it has a worldwide presence and they can help you to shift your server if your server is down. So it’s better if you use GoDaddy.

Hey bRionZ — the Flippa support team is much better placed to help out than I can. It’s possible that sharing the auction very widely led to some suspicious activity on your listing, which would have triggered some alerts. I’d try getting back in touch with them.

The registrar is Uniregistry, which I plan to stick with actually.

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