Buying a Domain Name From an Individual

I have a client who is looking to buy a domain name which is currently owned by an individual. Supposing they reach a deal (which I believe they are likely too), what is the safest way for my client to go ahead and pay for the domain name and to ensure it is transfered successfully without the current owner doing a runner?

I was wondering if there was a procedure or anything along those lines that should be followed?

The only thing I can think of comparing it too is if you create a design concept for a client you’d ask for something upfront before starting work, and then final payment upon completion of the work.

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated from people who have purchased domain names from individuals.


If he do not trust seller they can deal through SEDO. But in this case he will need to pay $50 to SEDO.

I think you should use escrow service for the dealing, it is safest for both buyer and seller.

We are always using for domain dealings - most secure and reliable.

Good luck.

I also suggest you to use ESCROW, it is safe.