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Accounts can indeed be banned on Facebook. I had one once, about four years ago, that got banned. They determined that the name I was using (which was my legitimate pen-name, my writing pseudonym) was a “bogus” account.

I wrote, as instructed, to explain. Their response was swift, and unappealable: “You are not eligible to use Facebook. This decision is final.”

Oh. Okay.

I created a new account, for the same name with minor variation (added a middle initial), and I’ve had it ever since. But I probably lost $10,000 in business because of their initial “ban.”

On a related note, have you seen any of the ads being run for fan outreach program? What’s the messaging?

I would absolutely disagree with your assertion that more fans makes your page look busy. More active fans makes your page busy, more fans without activity makes your page just as useless as if it has no fans, except that someone diving in will see that there is a base of people who don’t care to post.

There’s certainly a critical mass affect to facebook where after you get to different levels (25k / 50k / 100k) you start to see your traffic really pick up but this is not due to the number of fans but rather the engagement of those fans. If no one is commenting or posting having a raw number is meaningless.

Larger brands often try to up their fan counts with big media campaigns and while these succeed in getting numbers, it’s a great example of relevancy. Advertising to the whole world may up numbers but when companies with 1 million fans are posting and having 15 comments there’s an issue. On the other hand smart brands like Disneyland use media to reach interested customers who don’t necessarily know they’re on facebook with media targeting keyword profiles, other websites, communities, etc and as a result they can regularly pull down 10,000 likes to a single post.

Don’t confuse a number with a result. Social is about getting a community of influencers, customers and prospects together to follow your message, contribute with their own discussion / posts and build a two way dialogue, a fan that never cares about your brand does not do that.

As far as the response from your vendor, if you don’t see the absurdity of the statement, well, good luck.

Thanks for all the responses… Since I was very concerned about getting banned and the other issues raised in this post I contacted the people at and this was their response:

“Fans choose to ‘Like’ the page. It is a completely voluntary process. All we do is provide the correct exposure of your fan page on Facebook.”

“All of the invites are sent by our team of 8 professionals into batches of 500-2000 on a daily basis for period of 30 days to ensure the safety of your account. Some might ask why do we do that. Well, it reduces the possibility of a suspension on your account by Facebook. It is safe and most importantly accepted by Facebook”

My overall experience buying fans is that some websites offering these services just scam you so you have to be careful. And yes having lots of fans will increase your exposure on Facebook, and make your fan page look like a very popular page, thus leading to more fans. Also, I believe you will get a high percentage of those fans who are interested in the topic of the page. I will keep buying fans until I reach at least 10,000.

yeah , i also think that you gonna be banned soon . Because Facebook have high protection rate

hmm and i also that this thread are enough of comment … i didn’t see the topic owner come back yet

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Buying facebook fans is not a great idea after all. Try to create games or any application that will interest potential clients. It is much better if your fans are as well your subscriber.

From my last post in this thread, it is clear that you dont have to buy fans to do well in what you are marketing. Just provide what your visitors want the most, relevant content and they will like your page =)

Ok, wow, I read a lot and see how people feel about this. My suggestion is do the fan building yourself. Buying them in masses might be a quick way out but you will not get targeted users or involved users if they have been forced to “like” your fan page.

My advice is to use Facebook ads. You can get a large laser targeted audience in no time if you do it the right way. If you can get your ads to have a high CTR then Facebook will reward you and you will get really cheap and targeted users. I’m talking paying less than 1/2 of a cent per user and paying less then 1 cent per click.

Don’t buy fans, but if you do, make sure you look what you are buying, 10,000 fans as in “likes” or invites! Invites is just a message send to the user and they can still decide to “like” or not to “like” your fanpage. You might get only 250 to like your fan page. Be aware of that :slight_smile:

I was thinking about doing this but after reading this post I have second thoughts now. Is there a way to just buy facebook fans within United States? Does anyone have any postive experience buying facebook fans?

After reading this thread why would you still consider buying fans? And more importantly, what else can I tell you to help you understand how much risk this gives you for virtually no reward?

As far as I am concerned, if you’re thinking about buying Facebook fans to promote your website you may as well just give up now as you don’t have a clue in regards to running a website.

IMO, it is just a waste of time and money. I even have a doubt that, the service provider must have created countless pseudo profiles and just connected with each other that makes each profile strong. Only service provider is going to make money from this, not the one who has purchased the service.

The reason why i need fans is that they can potentially turn into customers. Having fans from around the world, even from a different state is not so interesting for me. Thats why I suggest to stop wasting money and invest a little bit of time into advertising your page and getting real people to follow you.

Yes you definitely have to watch out for these companies. Try to find one that is listed in the BBB. Most just fill your page with fans from other countries, which could look bad to potential clients.

Well…while I still stand by my comments above, after asking 200+ “friends” to like my new fan page and only getting about 12 likes out of the deal (mostly from friends/family who wont be able to avoid me over the holidays:D) I decided to buy a few “likes” to get me over the 25 like limit so I can at least get have a nicer url to promote.

Paid $5 to someone on fiverr with a long list of satisfied clients and about 3000+ friends who this is supposed to be promoted to within a few days. I’m not expecting to make any sales or anything to these folks, but to get me a custom url, seems worth the $5 to me - and if it doesn’t double the friends I have now, I’m only out $5 so I’ll skip the trip to McDonalds this week. :smiley:

I’ll let you know how things work!


So it’s been three days and I thought I’d come back and comment on my little marketing experiment here.

My guy on Fiverr delivered what he promised in just a few hours and sent proof of inviting his 3000+ friends to like my page.

I got about 10 new “likes” which got me just a few away from the 25 like threshold needed to get your custom facebook url - and with one final plea to my own friends and family I hit the 25 mark later in that day.

Overall I can’t complain about the $5 I spent to do this as it helped me reach my goal without having to pester my friends, but like I mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t advise the bulk buying of friends as I don’t think you’d see any real benefit from that.



There’s a free way to have “likes” on your fan page, the site called can help you. I don’t think that your account will be banned for using it because users will have an option to like your page or not.

I wouldn’t recommend it, it is usually just one individual who has set up lots of Facebook accounts, or has got others to create lots of Facebook accounts, and gets them to be fans of people he recommends (and pays them too), ofcourse those people he recommends are those who have paid him. It is frowned upon by Facebook as these are bot accounts, and the chances of a real life person seeing your Facebook profile from these fans, is very slim indeed

Who cares if they speak English? I’d be more concerned about them being at all interested in whatever you’re selling. 1,000 fans who don’t speak your language are just as worthless to you as 1,000 English-speaking fans who would have no interest in your product or service.

Spend your money on better targeted advertising. I’d rather spend a couple hundred bucks on paid clicks that are targeted at people looking for my services.

Nothing like it. Anyway you must have such interactive applications to keep you subscribers hang on.