Buy dating profiles - is it legal?

I found a site that is offering dating profiles for sell.
I am very concerned if this is really legal or they just write that it is? Please tell me your opinion, and is there any other service where I can buy dating profiles?

Thank you

I must be missing something… why would you want to buy a profile for a dating website?

To spam the members while pretending to be a member? To import members in an attempt to show that you have users you don’t? Neither is ethical, both pose privacy issues and are just bad ideas.

In some countries it might be, in some countries it might not be.

Get a qualified lawyer on the issue to advise you on where you stand in your particular circumstances.

It seems pretty legal to me, they sell this profiles, so new dating websites can attract customers and get more traffic.

Be careful that what you buy does not include credit card data. Under the Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act passed late last year it is illegal to transfer the credit card data.

If you are going to buy fake dating profiles…why don’t you just make your own? But why buy dating profiles in the first place? Get out of the dating website business. That is the better advice I can give you.

I wouldn’t do it - just doesn’t seem that ethical. Whether it’s legal or not, you are not being good to the real customers that come to your site.

Most of the dating profiles are illegal. I suggest you go for the ones that are strict in their registration process.

As the OP asked the question back in November, I expect he or she has by now made a decision on what to do.

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