Button location

I have some images that i’m going to make buttons. I’m not exactly clear on how I can put these buttons in locations I want. I don’t really have any code yet so I don’t have anything to post.

It kind of depends what you want those “buttons” to do, but the easiest solution is to wrap <a></a> tags around the image:

<a href=""><img src="/images/button1.png" alt="Click me, baby!"></a>

Can I put some x,y locations in there to specify an area on the page for it to be?

Yes, although that’s often not the best way to position something. If you want to take this route, give that link a class and set it to position: absolute. Then you can give it left:/ top: coordinates, or perhaps right: / bottom: settings. BUT, they key to this working is to give the element they are being positioned in relation to position: relative. (E.g. Say you wanted this link to appear in the top right corner of your wrapper element. Give the wrapper position: relative, and then set the link to position: absolute top: 0 right: 0 or something like that.