Button firing and changing color of div

I’m using this button:
<div class="but durationcell" id="but5"><input type="button" value="5"></div>
…to change a div to yellow, then with the below functions, at 5 secs turn to green, then at 5 secs back to red. (like a stoplight.)

However, the console says “Uncaught TypeError: yellow5.addEventListener is not a function” and “Uncaught TypeError: window.location is not a function”

I don’t know what else to do to fix this, after trying other code examples. Must be something simple I’m missing.

function yellow5() {
var yel = document.getElementById("colorwindow");
 	green(); // goes to function to turn div green
	}, 5000);
yellow5.addEventListener('click', but5);

function green() {
	var green = document.getElementById("colorwindow");
 	reset(); // goes to function to reset the page (turns off everything and sets div to red)
	}, 5000);

function reset() {

EDIT: I see that the window.location should be:


So you need to target something with your event listener. That is what an event listener is doing listening to events. At current you are trying to listen to events on a function which won’t work. See the docs: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/EventTarget/addEventListener

So you need to target the button as that is what you want to listen for the click on. I made a quick and dirty codepen to show you:


How do I use clearTimeout in the reset button for clearing the setTimeouts of any of my buttons? I can’t find a usage that matches my above implementation.

If you look at the MDN page for setTimeout you will see Return Value reads as follows:

The returned timeoutID is a positive integer value which identifies the timer created by the call to setTimeout() . This value can be passed to clearTimeout() to cancel the timeout.

So in answer you could either use a global, or alternatively pass the timeoutID to the next function. For example:

function backgroundToYellow () {
    const colorWindow = document.getElementById('colorwindow')

    colorWindow.style.backgroundColor = 'yellow'
    // assign the returned timeoutId and setup a colour change in 5 seconds
    const timeoutId = setTimeout(() => backgroundToGreen(), 5000)
    // call the cancel function in 1 second passing in the timeoutId
    setTimeout(() => cancelChangeToGreen(timeoutId), 1000) 

function backgroundToGreen () { ... }

function cancelChangeToGreen(timeoutId) {
  clearTimeout(timeoutId) // prevent a call to backgroundToGreen from happening

Here is a codepen. I have used setInterval and clearInterval to more clearly illustrate this.

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You could just toggle a class with js and then let CSS take care of changing the colour changes but I guess you may be practicing with JS anyway :slight_smile:

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Practicing for sure! But the reset code I used did not stop the timer, so it did nothing. That’s why I think clearTimeout is needed, not just a paint job.

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